Little Aubree’s First Birthday


The forecast for the day was thunderstorms, isolated and scattered, but when I left the house it was clear and sunny skies! We had to work this shoot into a busy day, so I was shooting during midday sunlight. I wanted the picture to still look soft, so I adjusted my 50mm lens and the exposure settings to compensate for that, but thank goodness for post-process editing! When we arrived at the sunflower field, it started to POUR the rain. So we decided to wait it out in the car, and it passed quickly, but it left the humidity at 100% and it was about 2:30 in the afternoon and  IT WAS HOT! 2 minutes into the shoot we were all drenched in sweat. I kept getting sweat in my eyes while I was shooting, but we kept on, trying to moving quickly, and Aubree was an absolute angel! She would just sit, right where put her down, she clung to the little unicorn I brought preciously the whole time, and never cried or made a peep! She was so patient, and everyone helped carry things around, tried to make Aubree smile, and sweated! But all the sweat paid off and I got to experience and shoot a semi-staged 1 year old shoot for the first time! Oh, what fun it was!

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