Misty, Queen of the Wilds

Warrior Women Series I remember being a teenager and feeling invincible. Life was on a constant tipping point. I hoped that one day I would grow up to be strong and independent. That I would become the heroine I had always read about in stories. But the world has a way of beating us down,…

Shelby + Wes + 1

I have had the pleasure to photograph this beautiful growing family through a lot of milestone moments in their lives. I can’t wait to be there for more! Shelby and Wes are so wonderful to work with, and just a precious couple, soon to be triple! I know that Whitley will be blessed with wonderful,…

Warrior Women-Queen Taylor

I’ve always loved stories and fantasy novels. I love costuming, dressing up and playing pretend. I love the idea of characters. I’ve always believed stories help us relate to reality, to deal with emotions, to learn perspective. They empower us. It was almost by accident I got the idea, or the rather happened into something…

Heather, Jesse, & J. Ray

There’s some sort of magic, or simple fascination with the world that kind of grows out of us. We just become too numb to the world, and kids remind me not to let go of that fascination, to find something incredible and new each day, and to appreciate little things. As I took these pictures,…

Little Aubree’s First Birthday

The forecast for the day was thunderstorms, isolated and scattered, but when I left the house it was clear and sunny skies! We had to work this shoot into a busy day, so I was shooting during midday sunlight. I wanted the picture to still look soft, so I adjusted my 50mm lens and the…

Kasey’s Senior Prom

Kasey and Jacob are such a blast. One of the cutest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. They can have a great time no matter where they are, so long as they are together. Thanks for letting me be a part of the party!

A Wonderful Picture of Oz!

What a fun themed shoot for Halloween! I had a blast recreating some scenes from The Wizard of Oz for this friend-family photo shoot!

The Newest McGill

I am so blessed to say that I got to be apart of the expansion of this family. My very good friends become one family through marriage and adoption. Though they were already a beautiful family, they all now share the same last name! Congratulations, Whitney, Justin, and Jason!

Jesse, Heather & Jesse Ray

I had so much fun taking and editing these photos. I very much hope that I get to capture this sweet face again! And of course his parents too!

Jessica & Jesse

Gearing up for my favorite time of year with a little rustic engagement shoot with a very adorable, funny, and enthusiastic family who was brave enough to rough it all over the farm with me.