Warrior Women-Queen Taylor

I’ve always loved stories and fantasy novels. I love costuming, dressing up and playing pretend. I love the idea of characters. I’ve always believed stories help us relate to reality, to deal with emotions, to learn perspective. They empower us.

It was almost by accident I got the idea, or the rather happened into something that made me want to do a photo series with a goal in mind. Trying to portray the strength a of woman who had just gotten out of situation, I planned a shoot that ended up looking more like a lady warrior. Her strength was definitely present, she looked fierce and confident. Throughout the shoot we discovered a warrior sleeping inside.

That’s when I knew I had to do more photoshoots like this. I had to coax out the warrior sleeping inside the women I knew. Had to show and convince them they had strength AND beauty inside them.

So here is the first, or rather the second of many more to come. Warrior Women Queen Taylor. Taylor was awesome! I hardly had to give her any direction at all. She has a very natural ease in front of the camera, and total model attitude! I had so much fun!

We worked together and picked out an outfit through Amazon, discussed jewelry, and hairstyles on Pinterest. I tried my hand at hair and make up and was pretty pleased!

I cannot wait for the next one, but I can say I’m so very excited to see more Warrior Women embracing the strength from within!

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