Misty, Queen of the Wilds

Warrior Women Series

I remember being a teenager and feeling invincible. Life was on a constant tipping point. I hoped that one day I would grow up to be strong and independent. That I would become the heroine I had always read about in stories.
But the world has a way of beating us down, and making us feel small. Anxiety and a lack of self-confidence crept in and took over and I never felt like that heroine, or even that I could ever become her.

And one day I realized, I wasn’t alone. I found female friends who felt the same. I witnessed and experienced some of the world treats women, trying to make us feel small and imperfect. I thought about how awful that was. We are shown who we should be and are meant to be, and it isn’t even real.

I wanted to do something, even something so small, like this, to change that.

I wanted to find a way to show the women in my life how amazing they are. To recapture a juvenile sense of that invincibility. To coax out the strength and beauty. To create a visual reminder of the warrior asleep beneath our skin. Society would have women to believe they are weak, docile creatures. But only because they are precisely the opposite. A world full of women who acknowledge their strength, their inner warrior, and embrace their beauty, would be a very dangerous world, indeed.

So I aim to encourage that kind of world. To bring out that courage by showing the women in my life what I see when I look at them. I see beauty and strength and bravery. I see queens. Warrior queens who, if they found it within themselves, could rule the world.

My best friend is no exception. She is a warrior inside and out. When I see her, I see a woman of great strength and power. I see a queen in her own right.


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  1. Valent Lau says:

    Such beautiful colors. The greenery really fits the mood.

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